Field recording with Lite2Sound in NYC

We owe a big thanks to YouTube user dreamyandseedy! This is a playlist of field recordings made in New York City in summer 2023 using a custom made large-aperture stereo Lite2Sound device from Rare Waves LLC. This is true field recording in the medium of modulated light. All of the sounds come from the lights in the scene. No microphones, synthesizers or audio post-processing were used.

These videos are evidence that a secret layer of sound is being emitted by the artificial lights of civilization. What you perceive of it through a Lite2Sound photodiode amplfier depends on location, motion, distance and your place in time.

We would be glad to discuss building a custom device for you with this level of sensitivity and audio quality. Please get in touch with the developer through for more information.…

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Sound Design for Starfield with Lite2Sound

Here’s a big thanks from us to sound designer Marshall McGee! Marshall has shared some of his creative techniques with the Rare Waves Lite2Sound PX in the studio making sound effects for the upcoming Starfield game. In this YouTube video, check out the segment beginning at 5:25 for cool tips on sound design using a Lite2Sound photodiode amplifier.  Lite2Sound devices are available from…

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Lite2Sound in Dallas

Using a large-aperture stereo photodiode amplifier designed by Eric Archer of Rare Waves LLC, we captured the hidden soundscape emitted by vehicles and architectural lighting in downtown Dallas. This video montage was recorded with the photodiode amplifier mounted under the camcorder, by connecting the photodiode’s audio output to the camcorder’s mic in jack. All of the sounds are being emitted by lights in the scene – no effects or synthesizers were used. The city is full of ambient frequencies and tones that exist exclusively in the realm of subtle flickering lights.

Visit the Rare Waves store for Lite2Sound gear, or contact us through to discuss a custom build!…

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Lite2Sound in Downtown Austin

The urban landscape is secretly generating its own synthesizer soundtrack – with lights as the instruments. This video montage asks, could it evolve into a form of music?

We used an experimental Lite2Sound stereo photodiode amplifier to make field recordings in Austin in December 2022. Lite2Sound has silicon analog sensors that detect small fluctuations in light intensity, amplifying them into audible sounds. The device was mounted under the camcorder with its audio output going into the camcorder’s mic input. The video soundtrack is 100% raw audio from the camcorder – no effects or synthesizers were used.

Lite2Sound devices are available from and in the Rare Waves reverb store. We offer DIY electronics kits and pre-assembled.…

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Lite2Sound Photodiode Field Recordings

Lightscape at the San Antonio Botanical Garden was a fun exhibit, we had a good time, and for the nice folks who asked what we were doing with the strange recording equipment, here it is.

We are demonstrating the Lite2Sound™ QB Stereo device from Rare Waves LLC.  It captures modulated light from the scene as audio.  The audio soundtrack is a recording of fluctuations in light intensity that were captured by a pair of photodiode amplifiers in the Lite2Sound device.  The audio is dry, it has not been given any special effects or sound processing.

It might be said that this device picks up a hidden layer of reality that has many ambient sounds and frequencies.

Just pointing it out the window and cruising the road, sometimes the city broadcasts its own relaxing ambient music.

This video explains the camera and audio setup that was used to make the Lite2Sound Photodiode Field Recordings videos.

To make the video, we mounted our Lite2Sound QB Stereo and a miniDVD camcorder on a bar, and connected the Rec output of Lite2Sound to the camcorder’s Mic In with a stereo aux cable.  The camcorder’s automatic gain control is active, that is why the noise …

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Lite2Sound QB Stereo

Its new for 2021! Lite2Sound™ QB Stereo is a unique tool for sound designers, artists, and field recordists. In response to many requests for a stereo version, Rare Waves LLC is proud to announce the upcoming availability of Lite2Sound QB Stereo. It features 2 sensor channels that create a stereo field for listening to ambient modulated light, built-in speakers and battery power for wire-free portability, 2 stereo audio outputs on 3.5 mm mini plug, and a strong and beautiful case made of solid hardwood and phenolic composite. Available through

Lite2Sound is a trademark of Rare Waves®…

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Field recording in NYC at night

This video is a field recording of modulated light, captured out the window of a car while driving in New York City. The photodiode amplifier was similar to Lite2Sound PX, and it was mounted inside the body of a junk 8mm film camera. Inside the camera, a photodiode is mounted where the film once was, and the shutter is removed. This enhances the performance of the photodiode amplifier by giving it extended range to pick up interesting sound sources easily from a distance. Its audio output was sent to the mic input of a DVD camcorder for simultaneous capture of video and optical sound.…

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DIY kits available now

Lite2Sound PX is an easy-to-build DIY kit that lets you explore the sounds of modulated light. Its a great addition to your toolbox for making field recordings, gathering source material for sound design, and just ambient listening for the joy of discovery. Its available from for USD$49 (kit) or $74 (pre-assembled). Link

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